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R.O.I. driven advertising led by expert marketers and award-winning filmmakers. 

R.O.I. driven advertising led by expert marketers and award-winning filmmakers.

Brickwork LLC is an SBA registered Veteran Owned Small Business.

Award Winning 
Video Production.

We use the latest equipment and the power of AI to maintain a high standard of quality in video production. We prioritize the art of storytelling, ensuring that every frame exudes authenticity and captivates your audience. Our writing processes strongly emphasize R.O.I. to ensure that every video we produce serves as a strategic asset for your brand.


Campaign Development and Execution.

We strategically craft and execute campaigns targeting hyperlocal audiences, regional markets, and/or national audiences. Our approach includes leveraging influencers, strategically placing broadcast television spots, utilizing in-stream ad placements, and harnessing the power of social media ad placements. 


Website and Mobile
Application Development.

We build captivating webpages, develop customized applications, and can integrate cutting-edge technology into your operations. We have the skills to ensure seamless functionality and user satisfaction.


Your Contract
Media Department.

We provide a comprehensive suite of services, tailored to meet all of your needs under one roof. We handle every aspect, from crafting engaging video content for internal training and social media to designing captivating graphics for print and web. Whether you're looking to communicate your message internally or externally, we've got every medium covered for you.




We thrive on new challenges. Our teams of skilled professionals are dedicated to transforming your ideas into tangible, scroll stopping creative assets. Whether it's designing captivating ad campaigns, or developing cutting-edge technology solutions, we have the expertise and creativity to make it happen. No concept is too ambitious or too complex for us to handle, we're here to bring your ideas to life.



Rahul Raval

President/Sr. Producer

Primetime Emmy Awarded Filmmaker, Director, Producer, Editor, Camera Operator, Airplane Pilot, Former E.R. Nurse, Veteran Army Medic.

Troy Mansfield

Chief Operating Officer

Former U.A.V. Camera Specialist, Sales Leader, Logistician, Materials/Equipment Manager, Safety Coordinator, Army Combat Veteran, Outdoor Enthusiast.

Jonathan Wilson

Creative Director

Seasoned storyteller. SFX, Motion Graphics, and Animation Extraordinaire. Director. Editor. Drummer. Dedicated to simplifying the complex.


Just as a skilled handyman might tackle various tasks, there are certain specialties that require a higher level of expertise. We understand that beyond a certain threshold, a uniform approach doesn't work. We consider the nuances of every project and assemble a team that aligns with its unique demands and complexities. Some creatives work best in the corporate workplace, while others work optimally in fast paced environments. An E.R. Nurse turned Filmmaker will tell a better medical story, a producer with a background in construction will tell a better demolition story, and an editor with an automotive passion will tell a better automotive story. We empower our teams and our customers by making sure they're a seamless fit every time.  

Latest equipment and technology

Leveraging the use of Artificial


Storytelling that emphasizes R.O.I.

Small teams with highly competitive resumes.

Adaptation to industry advances and changes.

Pre-planning for time and resource efficiency.

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